Getting along with Objective-C

Back to writing a blog post after umm..exactly a year. I guess I receded into a prolonged hibernation period during which there was no motivation to write about anything. 

Couple of exciting things have happened on the professional front over the new year.

1. A new job!

2. My first full scale iOS project

It goes without telling that 2 has been better exciting of the two. After about 8 weeks of writing hardcore Objective-C for the iOS platform, I am inevitably getting along with this programming language that felt so alien to me at first. My first tryst with this language was way back in 2011. It’s way behind my first love – Ruby though. But, its not all that bad given that I have immersed myself in it for a reasonable period of time now.

Though Objective-C along with iOS feels overly bulky to me as a programming platform, I have still learnt to appreciate some of the niceties of this platform like Categories, Protocols,  Delegate handling etc. I think these features are probably well more rounded than other comparable languages around. 

Hope my love for this language blooms over time allowing me to build cooler and funner iOS apps.


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