There are lot of things on our plate!

In my experience as an IT consultant working for several different organizations over the years, I have noticed there are tons of nagging bottlenecks that plague all these organizations. I want to dwell upon once such problem. Lets get to the point straight away.

The IT support team.

OK. Who is IT support? or *Admin* as their more traditionally referred to. These are the guys who run the support for infrastructure in the organization, create your email accounts, provision your hardware etc. I can’t single out an organization that I worked for where this wasn’t a problem. These guys can take anywhere from days to weeks to give you a laptop. A simple VPN tunnel access request will turn-around in no less than a week. You talk to them to find out why it’s taking so long. The answer you get is a blunt *We are working on it, there are lot of things on our plate*. Nothing seems to bother these jolly good folks. Any amount of external pressure doesn’t seem to deter them. This problem is reduced to a Water-Cooler chit-chat in most organization and is somehow never taken seriously. Nobody ever seems to know what’s plagueing these guys?! Is it possibly because they are genuinely understaffed and are overwhelmed with support requests? Or is it some inherent callousness that runs in their blood? Well, I don’t know!


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