The Apple/Microsoft Contradiction

I know. This would make an excellent episode title for The Big Bang Theory. Long long ago, Microsoft (here on referred to as *MS*) wanted to be the leader of mobile devices before Apple stole the thunder away with the iOS. MS came up with interfaces like the ones you see below for the mobile software it launched.


MS basically attempted to reuse or adopt it’s hugely successful desktop software (Windows!… for folks who don’t know what I m talking about) for mobile devices. We all know what happened after that. MS of course realized it’s blunder after a r-e-a-l-l-y long time when the iPhones and the Androids had already taken over the market with their highly usable and intuitive interfaces. It took steps in the right direction in the form of the Windows Phone and the weirdly titled Mango.

Now. What did Apple do? They built this revolutionary mobile platform called the iOS without reinventing any wheels. The iOS redefined mobile computing for the consumers. It also spurred Google to build Android. iOS and Android devices define the mobile marketplace today. Stimulated by the global acceptance for its mobile platform, Apple is now working towards bringing features from the mobile platform to OSX, its desktop software. The Mac App store, Launchpad, the touch/swipe gestures, scrolling etc are some of the features in the new Lion operating system that seem to have evolved directly from iOS.

The first is the case of failed adoption strategy and the second has produced effective results so far. I m sure the OSX family will imbibe more of the iOS intuitiveness as it evolves further.


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