Mobile pains in India

In a country where a human being has easier access to a cellphone than to a clean toilet, I found it extremely suprising that none of the cellphone service providers have a standardized/instantaneous process for activation of your cellphone service.

I had to wait nearly 2 days for activation for my service. Everytime I contacted customer service, the answer I got was they were working on it. The ETA that I was given was somewhere along the lines of 5 mins – 15 mins. Duh!

Why can’t these companies instantly activate a cellphone line? Hard to understand!


One comment

  1. There is more to come dude. Did you ask special micro sim for your iPhone? My friend did and he received it at home after 3 days and the connection actually got started after 2 days. So total of 5 working days he was without connection and with an empty phone. If you planning to get gprs connection, do it the same day you ask for new connection as they take seprate docs for that, verify your eligibility again and take 3 working days to activate it. This was for Vodafone. Its a real pain in a$$.

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