Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Inspite of the thoroughly enjoyable “Omana penne” which I think is
Benny Dayal’s best for Rahman, the funky “Anbil Avan” which has
stunning orchestration and nice vocals and the rebellious “Aromaale”,
VTV definitely falls short of a Jodha Akbar or a Delhi 6. “Hosanna” is
decent but is more HJ-ish in feel and the way it is constucted. The
other numbers especially the Rahman number fail to create the usual Rahman impact.

The shortcomings?

1. I see this line of thought amongst many in the blog world about
Rahman pushing for a global sound and catering to an international
audience! This is precisely the problem. A Tamil album needs to target
the regional audience first and foremost. For instance, a Rhythm or a
Minsaara Kanavu could impress someone like my grandma which I don’t think is the case with the more recent Rahman albums!

2. The intricate layering and synth orchestration in Rahman’s music
(supposed to be his core strength) off-late seems to be overwhelming.
The tune is what defines a song and that’s being compromised in the
quest for layering.

3. Composers like Yuvan, Harris and others have mastered Rahman’s yesteryear style and they are closing in on him. Not to say that they are any where versatile like Rahman, but they are belting out pretty enjoyable numbers (Vaaranam Aayiram, Goa etc).

Wish Rahman delivers a stunner in Mani’s Raavan or Shankar’s Endhiran.

P.S Congrats on the grammys, Rahman!.


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