Yes, by now we all know why Avatar rocks! We also know the writing could have been better (Avatar = Dances with the wolves + Matrix).  So there is no point me writing a full fledged review of this movie. Just pouring out some interesting thoughts that came to my mind after I watched the movie.

I honestly dont think James Cameron can hope to create a franchise out of this unless he has better written material for the sequels. The first time was a charm because of the stunning CGI that pulled masses to the theaters. Not sure if he can keep repeating this without a solid script backing the technology!

Even with the lackluster script, I think the millions that was spent on making this movie was well spent because of the monumental achievement in terms of technology.  The movie is raking in the moolah and might become profitable sooner than we think. I pray the movie matches Titanic’s box-office performance which would certify Cameron’s ability to make mega budget movies financially viable.

Hail the “The King of the World”!




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