My 2 cents on Delhi 6’s music

I m not to going to review Delhi 6′ music here. There are already tons of reviews reviews out there. Just my 2 cents on why Delhi 6’s music is outstanding. First up, I m a crazy fan of A R Rahman. But I dont glorify whatever ARR comes out with just because he is ARR. I honestly thought Ghajini and Yuvvraaj were not up to the great standards the composer has set for himself.

Delhi 6 is a great album along the lines of Guru and Jodha Akbar. ARR shows great versatility here showcasing almost every possible genre of music. The music is as fresh as you can get. With all the remix and bhangra crap that you get to hear in hindi film music these days, Delhi 6 dares to be unconventional. Use of accordian in Masakkali, use of continuum in Rehna Tu, techno-synth orchestration in a folksy song like Genda phool, totally unconventional structure in Dil Gira dafathan are some instances of how ARR stretches beyond the defined boundaries of film music.

My picks from Delhi 6 : Masakkali, Rehna Tu, Delhi 6 theme, Dil Gira Dafathan, Arziyan and Genda Phool


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